Service Times

Every Sunday, we gather together as a church to hear from God's Word, and respond with worship, and to encourage one another.

10am - Teaching Fellowship

During the 10am hour, we gather for Teaching Fellowship.  In this time, we usually work through different series from one season to the next.  Some are expositional, where we work through books of the Bible.  Some are topical, where we teach through various areas of theology, or the Christian life.

We encourage you to come and engage with us for the better part of an hour to connect, and to learn.  And, so that your heart will be better prepared for our corporate worship gathering that follows.

11am - Corporate Worship Service

At 11am, we gather together for corporate worship.  We come together, under the authority of God's Word, to hear God's Word, and sing God's Word, and pray God's Word, and see God's Word on display.

We intentionally structure the service to be shaped by the Bible, and by the gospel.  To be a time where we celebrate the glory of God, acknowledge our own ruin in sin, and collectively look to Jesus, and trust in the sufficiency of His death and resurrection.