What to Expect


Our church building is located at 8909 Eclipse Drive, in North Suffolk.  Turn off of Bridge Road (US-17) onto Eclipse Drive.  And we are about a half a mile down on the left.


Most of us dress casually.  Anything from business casual, to jeans or shorts.  We encourage you to wear whatever makes you comfortable.


We have children's ministry during the 10am hour, and during the 11am Worship Service.  We work hard to ensure that it is safe and secure.  Everyone who watches children undergoes a background check.  And we make sure that we only release children into the custody of the person who dropped them off.

During the 10am hour, we offer classes for these ages:

  • Nursery (infants and toddlers)
  • Children (K-2)
  • Students (grades 3-5)
  • Students (grades 6+)

During the 11am Worship Service, we offer:

  • Nursery for infants, up to 18 months
  • Nursery for toddlers, up to age 4
  • Children's Church up to 2nd grade (begins when the sermon begins)

We recognize that parents are the primary disciplers of their children.  And we support parents to take ownership of their child's spiritual development how they see fit.  To that end, there are a variety of different options:

  • Age specific ministries (nursery, children's church, etc.)
  • Keeping your kids with you.  (We don't mind!)
  • A cry room, that is intended for mothers and babies.


We love music at James River.  It is an integral part of our worship service.  We believe that music has a unique capacity to help people engage with their head and their heart.

We sing a variety of different kinds of songs.  Some old.  Some new.  We do lean toward music that is theologically rich, and God-centered, and Christ-exalting.  We try to emphasize music that is sung by the congregation, as opposed to music that is performed.


We understand the preaching of God's Word to a primary way that we learn and grow as Christians.  And that the right preaching of the gospel is critical for a church to be healthy and strong.

To that end, we try and emphasize preaching in our worship services.  On any given Sunday, we take our time, and work through a passage of Scripture expositonally, attempting to understand what it means and apply it to our lives.  We also seek to ensure that the gospel (the Bible's main story of God saving  sinners through His Son Jesus) is always on display.  We typically work systematically through entire books of the Bible for several weeks at at time.


If you're not a Christian, or if you are new to James River, please hear us on this.  We're not asking for your money.  We would encourage you to join us, visit with us, engage with God's Word with us.  But please do not feel obligated to give money to us.

That said, we do recognize that financial generosity is a significant way that we can worship God as Christians.  We encourage members of James River to give faithfully, and generously, and cheerfully, and in proportion to how much God has given to them.  We collect offering during the worship service, because we believe that giving is worship - just as much as singing, or listening to a sermon.


Our service ends with a benediction.  After we dismiss, most of us spend time and talk and enjoy one another for a while.  (Sometimes as long as an hour.)  We usually have some snacks on hand, and encourage people to leverage that time to have spiritual conversations, or discuss the sermon, or share prayer requests with one another.  We're a family.  And families spend time together.